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Till We Die

Taking a risk and stepping out of one’s own comfort zone is never an easy task, but it’s always worth it when the doubt is replaced with joy. This concept is important in AD22’s second single, ‘Till We Die’. It was inspired by the realization that his aspirations were finally aligning with his reality. The song gives the listener a sentimental feeling that emphasizes his role not only as an artist, but as someone who has paved a way for himself with a career in the music industry. Ultimately, people chase their dreams to fulfill a sense of happiness and accomplishment, but it’s radiated differently when one is not only doing it for themselves. AD22 showcases how his success has strengthened his validation and has motivated him to keep pursuing his goals while making sure he highlighted the importance of the people around him. The song shows the appreciation of people that supported him while he pushed himself to be better. His inner circle has played a huge role in shaping his sense of style, understanding any flaws, and accepting him for who he is. The certainty and trust that’s developed between him and his surroundings offered strength and peace in knowing that he can always count on those who had been supportive from the beginning. Afterall, happiness is shared and what he has presented was a gift that ties his bond with his loved ones in a soft beat that masks the depth of the song. It’s also dedicated to listeners that continue to uplift his career and spirits, and it gives them a peak about the emotions of vulnerability that reveals different layers of who he is as an artist. We hope you enjoy listening to this, half as much as we did creating it!