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AD22 is a r&b/hip hop artist, using his past experiences to fuel his creative processes. It is reflected throughout his energy in the music, and the messages embedded within. He moved to Toronto at the age of 12, growing his love for r&b; along with the idea of making music himself.

In 2019, he came to the conclusion that ultimately pursuing music was his true passion. He put school on a pause, put his head down in the studio, and dedicated the last year to creating the sound.

The name AD22 was derived of three elements. When combined; in my eyes, it is the most accurate representation of who I am as a person, furthermore an artist. The ‘A’ stems from my given birth name Ahmed, the ‘D’ is from my childhood nickname, that was carried all throughout my life Dada, while the 22 stems from the day in my brith date.

At the end of the day, AD22 is best described as a feeling. We leave it for you to discover that.